Providing a personal assistant service for people with disabilities across North Tipperary

The main objective of North Tipperary Disability Support Service CLG

The main objective for which the company is established is to engage in the empowerment of persons with physical and sensory disabilities through promoting the development of an appropriate range of personal assistance services aimed at removing attitudinal and material restrictions that unnecessarily limit the lives of such persons.

NOTICE OF NTDSS’ 2021 AGM: 26 AUGUST 2021, 5:30PM

Our Core Values

All of NTDSS’ work is driven by the values that we stand for

Our services are underpinned by dignity and respect
Wherever possible, we promote a Service User driven service that is meaningful and relevant
We believe in a Rights based approach
All of our services are delivered with integrity, accountability and transparency
The independence of our Service Users is vital
Participation in community life is a fundamental right for all
We work in partnership with all relevant stakeholders

The Philosophy of Indendent Living

Indendent Living asserts the right of all persons regardless of age, type or extent of disability to live in the community…with all the duties and privileges that this entails.

“The essence of Independent Living is the freedom to make decisions about your own life and to participate fully in your community” (John Evans, Independent Living Conference, London, 1989).

“The cornerstone of Independent Living Philosophy is… control and choice…  Systems advoacy is of ultimate importance because some choices for disabled people still need to be created” (Cassie Holden, 2000 Vision Statement, Birmingham).

Our Mission

North Tipperary Disability Support Service is an organisation that seeks to empower people with disabilities to enhance their quality of life by:

Providing a high quality personal support service

Promoting peoples’ independence and inclusion in everyday life

Working in partnership with our stakeholders

Adhering to the highest professional standards of governance, transparency and accountability

Creating public awareness of disability

Advocating for our members

Our Team

Our office team supports our network of dedicated Personal Assistants across the region.

Denise Darcy

Service Manager

Denise Darcy is the Service Manager with North Tipperary Disability Support Services. Denise took up this position in September 2019.

Ann Ryan


Ann Ryan has served as our Administrator since joining NTDSS in November 2001.

Teresa Murphy

Clerical Officer

Teresa Murphy joined NTDSS as the Clerical Officer in January 2011.