Our Team

Service Manager

Denise Darcy is the Service Manager with North Tipperary Disability Support Services. Denise took up this position in September 2019.

Responsibilities of the Service Manger:

Administer and manage the service in line with policies and procedures developed by the management committee, and meeting the requirements of relevant funding organisations.

Manage and oversee the Homecare service, including direct service provision and day-to-day supervision of Homecare workers.

Identify training needs for all staff. Report to and attend Board meetings and provide written reports. Co-ordinate and lead weekly staff meetings.

Recruitment of staff in consultation with the Board of Management.

Supervise working rosters in conjunction with staff.

Ensure that all Health and Safety requirements are in place.

Conduct risk assessments for both employees and service users.

Provide inductions for new staff.

Engage in strategic planning for the future viability of the Service in conjunction with the Board of Management.


Ann Ryan has served as our Administrator since joining NTDSS in November 2001.

Responsibilities of the Administrator:

Maintaining the day to day financial, accounting, administrative and personnel services in order to meet all legislative requirements.

Reports primarily to the Manager and is responsible for the preparation of all aspects of financial statements, payroll and personnel administration.

Strives to ensure that the company meets all legal and regulatory responsibilities and ensure the transparent, efficient and effective use of all our resources.

Clerical Officer

Teresa Murphy joined NTDSS as the Clerical Officer in January 2011.

Responsibilities of the Clerical Officer:

Provide administrative support to the Manager and the Administrator.

Arranging holiday cover for all staff members.

Typing letters, sending emails, dealing with enquiries and assisting with the day to day running of the office.

Reports directly to the manager.